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A referral letter is NOT required, but if your Doctor has issued you with one, please bring it with you as it may have valuable information that will help us help you recover quickly.

Relevant X Rays, CT Scans or MRI investigations. This is not always necessary to have prior to your visit. If you require these tests we can advise you of this. In fact most musculoskeletal injuries can be successfully treated without the need for further tests. Our skilled hands can detect many muscle imbalances and injuries which even the most sophisticated technology cannot detect.

Health Fund card to claim your benefit via our HICAPS service (see here for more Fund details)

Clothing that is appropriate for us to examine you so to protect your privacy. We respect your dignity and privacy at all times. Appropriate clothing may include shorts, singlet etc. If you are at all concerned about this, please let your Physiotherapist know. They will help you through this and offer you a patient gown to assist you.

WorkCover patients need to bring your Claim number and Employer details. Please see here for more details.

Your memory !! Your Physio will ask you many questions about your injury. This will help us piece together what has caused your injury. Finding a cause and addressing this is the best way to reduce the recurrence of your problem. It’s a good idea is to write down all the things that you think are relevant to your injury and bring the list with you to the appointment. Click here to see what sort of information you may need to know.

A list of questions that you may have for your Physio ! You don’t want to leave the appointment and think “Oh, I wish I would have asked that … “.

Your health care cards, payment methods and of course your diary in case you need further appointments (let’s hope you’re fixed first go though !)

A smile and positive attitude !! Not getting down about your injury will help your recovery. Smile because you have found a clinic that will care for you, give you that personal touch and most of all, have you back to normal life as soon as possible.