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 Personal Trainer Services

Personal Training will empower you to move with confidence, rediscover you fitness and help you enjoy a safe return to exercise. Whether you are recovering from an injury or returning after a break from exercise, one on one training can fast track your results and reduce your risk of subsequent injury.

Before your first session, you will have a phone consult with your Personal Trainer, who will take a detailed history of your injuries and conditions, the goals you would like to work towards and you will also complete a Pre-Exercise Screening Questionnaire.

Personal Training is tailored towards your individual goals and specific needs. Common goals that we can help you work towards include:

  • Strengthening and toning
  • Improving stability of the knees, hips, back, core, and shoulders
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Building muscular endurance
  • Addressing common conditions that women may experience throughout their pregnancy and Post Natal period including Pelvic Girdle Pain, Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation) and¬† Pelvic Floor education and training

In addition to one on one training, you will also receive a personalised home exercise program in video format to maximise your results.

All sessions go for 60 minutes and the style and type of training will be adapted to your needs. Sessions may include a combination of:

  • Light weights and resistance based training
  • Body weight exercises
  • Low impact cardio
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

We look forward to moving with you!